About Interactivehank’s Tee Shirts

I am an enthusiastic tee shirt owner and wearer. I find that the tee shirt is the most comfortable garment of clothing to wear and with a full frontal built in graphic display element you can convey your mood or a state of mind or give praise to an unsung hero.

Over the years I have discovered that some of my favorite “things” in the world did not have a tee shirt to commemorate them, so the only logical solution was to start making my own.

A tee shirt at Interactivehank’s Tee Shirt Shop is a unique item, not to be found anywhere else. I take pride in the design and printing of each offering and bring them to the public really just for fun. I make very small runs which makes my costs a little higher than a big tee shirt vendor.

I offer only 100% cotton shirts.

Shipping is included in the sale price.

If you have any problems with your your or want to make a suggestion for a new design please email me at: hank@interactivehank.com

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