Clanky Tee Shirt


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It is a little shocking to me how few people know about Clanky, to be honest, I had even forgotten about Clanky myself until I saw this floating around the internet a few years back. Since the refrain “chocolatey…” has haunted me.
I realized I needed a Clanky tee shirt to share my passion. But low and behold there was not a tee shirt to be found, so of course I did the logical thing and made one of my own.
Now here it is available to you exclusively through interactivehank’s tee shirt shop. There is even a color option!
If you know Clanky, then certainly you have to own the shirt. If you are intrigued by the design and decide to go out and learn more, perhaps you will come back someday and order a shirt. If you have no interest in this kind of thing, you should probably think about buying a completely different tee shirt.