Peugeot 403 Tee Shirt


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The only car my father ever owned, and the car I learned to drive “three on the tree” elegant, functional, lovely.
I own one that has been in the hands of a Peugeot restoration expert in the hinterlands of Quebec, and after 12 years there has been some real progress. You can read about that story on my blog
If you know this automobile, then certainly you have to own the shirt. If you are intrigued by the design and decide to go out and learn more, perhaps you will come back someday and order a shirt. If you have no interest in this kind of thing, you should probably think about buying a completely different tee shirt.

All tee shirts here at Interactivehank’s Tee Shirt Shop are 100% cotton and screen printed. They all cost $22. and shipping is included.

I believe in a quality tee shirt and try my darnedest to find screen printing shops that deliver the goods.