Siphon Vac Pot Tee Shirt


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Taken from a 1915 patent drawing, made colorful and cool looking in photoshop and then screen printed on 100% cotton American Apparel shirts, this is a real keeper.
If you are familiar with vac pot brewing, you must own this shirt. If you are not familiar with vac pot brewing but love coffee, please discover the truth about the best cup of coffee in the world, and then come back and buy the shirt.
If you do not know about vac pot brewing and feel ho-hum about coffee, please buy another tee shirt.

American Apparel

All tee shirts here at Interactivehank’s Tee Shirt Shop are 100% cotton and screen printed. They all cost $22. and shipping is included.

I believe in a quality tee shirt and try my darnedest to find screen printing shops that deliver the goods.